The wheels in my head are always spinning. I'd be lost without my iPhone and a couple applications that I
use for jotting down idea's or sketching something up real quick. Fortunately, my career path has put me
in a position that I can utilize all of my design hobbies almost on a daily basis.


Fabrication: In the recent years, I've started to aquire quite a bit of fabrication tools for working with steel.
Prior to steel, I took a break from architecture and apprenticed with a master cabinet maker. Learning the
fine art of woodworking was one of the greatest positions I ever filled. Before I was able to use any of the
shop machinery, I was forced to learn everything by hand. It really gave me a new respect for people that
can build fine furniture by hand.

Photography: This is something I really strive at. I've built up a pretty nice collection of equipment but
i have a real problem with carrying things around and actually looking for subjects to photograph. It's
never really sat very well with me. I'd much rather photograph things that are taking place at the very
moment. Thanks to post production work, I can take a small camera around with me anywhere and capture
these moments at will.

Landscape Design: Not only is this part of my job, it's something I really enjoy. After buying a new home
with a great yard, I'm obsessed with the design. I get to practice with multi-million dollar homes and figure
out what I like and don't before bringing the concepts to my personal space. I've got some great idea's that
i'm wanting to implement into my own space, that I'm sure won't happen with paying projects. Works for me!

Graphics: Part of my job is to come up with these concepts for clients and lay them out on paper so they
can visualize project. I've done everything from hand sketching to high end 3D work to help them understand
these concepts. I'm horrible about throwing things away in regards to concepts. Over the past few years,
i've started scanning everything so I have them on record instead of keeping every single piece of post-it
notes and roll of mylar. Another part of my job that I really enjoy...